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April 29, 2008


So the price for gas in my town has risen to $3.50 a gallon for the regular undleaded, at least that was the price yesterday. Since oil has just gotten even more expensive, I wonder what it will be today....
At this point I think everyone should protest having to pay tax on it. Hell we should all protest having to pay so much for it in the first place. It's a damn shame is what it is. Not only can people not afford basic medical care, we can't afford groceries, or to put the gas in our vehicles to get to work to pay for more gas. Ride a bike?? Ummm not when work is in another town. Not when you have three kids to haul around with you. Won't work. Horse and buggy? Can't have a horse in the city limits says the law. And where the hell am I going to get a buggy anyway??? Carpool? Yes sure! My vehicle seats 5 and there are 5 of us. Now what?
The price of food has shot up so high it's unbearable. A pack of hamburger to feed 5 costs about $8 here. I mean even back in the days when my folks were raising us, we could always count on good ol' hamburger being cheap. Chicken the same. Milk was $2 a gallon a few months ago, now it's up to $3 for the store brand. We use a lot of milk here - probably just about 4 or 5 gallons a week. Fresh fruits and vegetables - forget it. I can't wait until the garden takes off because until then we are eating hotdogs..... not even the good ones.....with no buns.....
Economic Stimulus Plan?? How bout ya double it and send it to us NOW - we won't be getting ours until sometime in July. But then it doesn't really matter much because we will be using all of it to buy GAS!