November 05, 2013


$218 PER WEEK.

That is our new health insurance premium for 2014. It did not go down.

$11,330 per year. With no tax incentives/credits for us. $1200 deductible, $3000 out of pocket limit. Copays do not count toward the deductible. Copays have been raised from $20 to $30 for a doctor visit, from $40 to $75 for lab tests, and from $40 to $50 for specialist visits. That's just the short list. Nothing will be paid toward prescriptions until the deductible is met. All this - and the company claims that they pay 80% of the premium for this crap! Now I am no good at math, but how much god damned money does this insurance policy cost? WAYYYY more than any actual medical bills we have had over the last 15 years. We have NEVER met our deductible/out of pocket limits. (Just lucky I guess...)
We participate in a flex spending also - but the government will only allow you to put in $2500 a year. Um. Why not $3000 - you know - my "out of pocket" limit? But wait - this year we have spent our entire $2500, but have only met about $700 toward our deductible/out of pocket. Why? because meds and copays do NOT count. Why not? It came out of my pocket didn't it? 
This insurance payment costs us more than 2 new cars and car insurance per month.
It costs us more than our house payment per month.
It costs us more than all of our utilities combined per month. 
This is not affordable, nor is it right. 

I feel like "WOW" - it's so great that people who previously could not get health insurance can now get it. Yay! But how many of those people can actually afford it? Then to FORCE people to get it - oh hell no - that is just wrong. A lot of people I have talked to say they will just take the penalty. Ok, but wait - people with low incomes will get a "tax credit." Great fine. But - how are they supposed to live while paying that out each month? A family of 3 making $25,000 a year will have to put out an estimated $400 a month. That is not affordable.

It all sounded so great. It's ended up being a bunch of lies, a bunch of bullshit, and yet another set of rights taken away from us. Every single American should feel betrayed, bent over without that lovely jar of vaseline. 

I have no choice. I have to keep this insurance. AND NOW because I smoke - I have to pay EVEN MORE! Because of our health, there is just no other choice for us. We are hostages. All of us are hostages. There is no hope, no right answers, nothing. We work so they can take and take and take. All of the fighting I did to get through college, get a good job, and get a leg up in life - pointless. 

All of it is just so fucking pointless......


Benway said...

Oh shit oh dear!

I tried to warn you.

What can I do? If it was up to me the rasin sac wouldn't be in office. But it was left up to those that are willing to be useful idiots... Like the song says "we get the government we deserve". As long as they get something for nothing they'll keep voting for assholes such as these.

And I'm sorry to say you ain't seen nothin' yet. Things will get MUCH worse before they get better for blue collar folks like us. The end goal is for the health insurance companies to get out of the business and the gub'mnt to be the only insurer. If that happens you will lose control of your life.

Don't tread on me.

I tried to warn you.

I'm not being mean.


Benway said...

Oh yeah... here's a good one. The young healthy people who were suppose to sign up for this painted turd won't do it and what will their penalty be?

There won't be one unless they're owed a tax refund.

Impeach Obama Now!


You were right...... and I was wrong....


and.... I miss you terribly.

Moonshadow said...

Bec, I don't know what insurance company you have, but they are NOT within compliance of the ACA charging you that much. This is Brownbacks doing, not Obama's. If Kansas had set up an exchange and extended the Medicaid option you wouldn't be having this problem. My suggestion is for you to check out the Federal Insurance marketplace at If your insurance through your employers is more than 9.5% of your income it is NOT affordable.
Put your info into this calculator and see what you come up with...

Benway said...

Ok so I've waited sufficient time... how's that working out?

The guy is a an empty suit. Not even a good socialist or communist... just a self absorbed shit sac like the politicians licking his boots.

Benway said...

Love, B.