January 17, 2013


After 2 weeks of trying..... I finally recovered my stoopid password for this blog.  Jeebus. 
As usual - the whole world is on fire. I don't suppose it ever ends does it?
I am working through the PROCESS of quitting smoking finally. It really is going to happen this time, and I am actually doing pretty good. Yay me.

I super duper love my job. I am incredibly lucky I think. 
I'm involved in a semi-underground art movement of sorts. So cool.
And I think I am going to be a Gramma again soon. Just waiting on an announcement!

Both kids - straight A's. Shane got suspended for fighting, but he's doing fine now. Riley is in the gifted program. MENSA material that one is. Maybe she will one day figure out how to bring about world peace. And mustard. 

So see ya round...... LOL!